Mahfood "Kaabi" Alkaabi

Mahfood "Kaabi" Alkaabi is the CEO and founder of American Certifications College. He started his early career in IT field as an aspired instructor teaching computer software and IT applications until he became an IT Director/Dean of Technology for California College San Diego, one of California's prestigious schools. But now, Kaabi is building up his own ways to take learning a step further, especially in the world of Information Technology. Apart from his managements tasks as a College IT Director, he seeks for effective partnerships and targets on further developing of IT programs and disciplines with students and instructors.

Kaabi has high experience and rich educational background in IT industry - and as often as he is termed, Kaabi is considered to be as an IT master. His exceptional IT and technical expertise has helped him pursue this mission. He is great at supervising every area of IT infrastructure as well as managing staff. Backed by his expertise and experience, Kaabi has gained project management experiences as a School Chair of Information Technology in Los Angeles and Chief Executive Officer in AmeeraTel - Cebu, Philippines before becoming a College IT Director and Dean of Technology.

As part of his experience, Kaabi was a Technical Trainer which let him hold training programs and taught technical courses in various corporate training centers across North America.

Kaabi has a steadfast work ethic and a stimulating trait, making him an asset to any organization. He often manages staff with regular board meetings, leads project management disciplines, and promotes academic success through planning, managing student orientations, and tutoring programs. He has been one of those who have such big contribution to the IT industry, keeping his staff and everyone abreast with the new IT methodologies and latest updates.

Mahfood “Kaabi” Alkaabi firmly believes in the high impact of information technology brings to our lives and so he seeks ways to train individuals and the society at large. Through American Certification College, he wants to encourage and inspire others to develop and improve more.

His Ultimate Goal

Mahfood “Kaabi” Alkaabi is determined to achieve American Certification College’s goals – and that is to broaden everyone’s horizon in the IT industry. Keeping his focus on providing the best education and information for individuals, Kaabi strives to provide learning and one-of-a-kind IT experience with a touch of fun and inspiration.